Your Fundamental Christian Radio Station

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Bible Preaching

With much prayer, we broadcast the Word of God in message and song. We bring you fundamental preachers from near and far, from the past and from the present. The preachers and ministries we feature believe the Authorized King James Version of the Bible is the inspired, inherent Word of God for English-speaking people. The ministries we partner with hold fast to the “faith once delivered unto the saints”. They preach salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and His shed blood.


Musical Variety

You’ll hear a variety of music on WYTJ Radio, from choirs, to mountain strings, to college groups, to family groups, and even symphonic orchestrations. Our music selections are chosen carefully as we consider the music, the message, and the messengers. Choosing excellence over entertainment, we endeavor to exalt Jesus Christ and His Gospel through the music aired on WYTJ Radio.


Many Ways to Listen

In the Linton area, WYTJ Radio is heard on 89.3 FM. Listeners can tune-in to our translator station in Vincennes at 88.1 FM. For those not in the local area, you can stream our broadcast directly from this website here or check out our mobile options here.


Dedicated Staff

Brother Harold and Sister Kimberlie Smith serve as our chief operator and program director. In addition, WYTJ consists of many other volunteer staff that are dedicated to the work of the radio ministry. They have a heart and vision to see God’s Word proclaimed and Christ glorified. Their work is much appreciated, and they help to ensure the radio station is a success.


One Purpose

No matter who you are or how you are listening today, WYTJ Radio is broadcasting one important question to you…Will You Trust Jesus? You can trust Him with your eternal, never-dying soul. You can trust Him with your daily, vapor-short life. Trust Jesus today.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls
- Jeremiah 6:16

What People Are Saying


“I enjoy listening to Saturday Night Special live on Saturday nights. The guys have a fun time and I enjoy the good Godly music.”

— Leland | Wilfred, Indiana

“I listen regularly to WYTJ via the app and appreciate the strong preaching of God’s Word and the wonderful soul-stirring music. Thank you for your ministry of spreading the Word of God over the radio and internet!”

— Ryan | Fairbanks, Alaska


“Love the music and the great messages. Already sharing this website with my Costa Rican friends that speak English. Thank you for your work.”

— Patricia | Costa Rica

“I think it is a privilege to have a good Gospel radio station in my local area that preaches the truth and plays Godly Christian music.”

— Megan | Jasonville, IN


Preaching the Gospel to every creature from Greene, County, Indiana